Thursday, April 05, 2007

Buddy the Basset

Here's our hound dog, Buddy. He is a rescue dog, abandoned at our vet's office because of a adrenal grand disorder. He gets monthly shots for his condition, and is a normal grumpy Basset Hound. Posted by Picasa

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gaylewoff said...

Hey bro, we had a basset, Auggie, he kept eating our trees in our backyard in Lubbock and there are not man trees in Lubbock. He also loved to howl at the moon and was not the smartest dog on the block. Hopefully, Buddy will be a smarter doggie!

I love your blog and seeing Danielle and her friends! She is such a beauty!

That picture of you in a tux and your girls is not clean up well!!

I love Eeyore and I love you! Gayle